"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"

Ways to $ave; Referrals, Series Package, Multi-Visit, Reviews!

Ways to Save!!

Referral Reward
Refer Family &Friends as New clients,
to Receive a Complimentary Brow Shaping,
& you will receive the same, as a Big Thank You!

Monthly Series Package
Serious skincare goals require an affordable & consistent maintenance plan.

Series of 3: 10% price reduction
Series of 5: 15% price reduction

This is a prepaid system. Appt.s must be scheduled at MOST 5 weeks apart, or
single service becomes spa value, & the difference from savings will be charged
or the serviced altered.

Multi-Visit Program
Multiple visits a month (4 week span) for facials & body treatments will be
rewarded with a price break.
For clients who want real results, real Fast!

1st session/Full price
2nd session: Reduction of $7/60 min $9/75 min $11/90 min
3rd session: Reduction of $9/60 min $11/75 min $13/90 min
4th session: Reduction of $11/60 min $13/75 min $15/90 min

Reviews & Shout-Outs!
Leave a Descriptive review about your experience:
Start with your concern, & J.A.S.’s Solution via service type. Why did you choose J.A.S.?
How was the solution unique? What did you appreciate about the approach or delivery?
Summarize the experience as a whole; Would you recommend this service & business, Why?
Earn the special rate or up-service being promoted on the forum you leave your review on.
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