"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"

Organic Skincare Treatments


Radiant Skincare Treatments


Introducing a new Organic skincare line, FaCense;

🔻98-100% Natural 🔻No Sulfates or Parabens 🔻No GMOS 🔻Cruelty Free
All facials use certified organic products, & include: a consultation, aromatherapy with steam, cleansing, t, hot towels, gentle extractions, toning, masking, eye compress, massage, serum application, & moisturizing at minimum!

🔸🔸🔶🔶Maintenance Facials🔶🔶🔸🔸

🔸Express $35/30 min

This maintenance facial focuses on bringing balance & a flux of nutrients to otherwise healthy skin. It includes an assessment of your skin type & condition, advice on self care, & product recommendations. Appropriate upgrades can be applied if extra attention on the skin is needed.
🔸Express Facelift $45/30 min

Microcurrent is capable of facial stimulation, sending soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production, which drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin.
🔸Healthy Skin $60/60 min

This facial was inspired by the need to address skin concerns per ZONE of the face; perfect

for combination skin types. Each of us have areas which are susceptible of reoccurring breakouts, flaking, darkening, or flushing; sometimes simultaneously! During this session,

each step of the facial will utilize multiple formulas to gently clarify the pores, reduce inflammation, & infuse hydration
🔸Brightening AHA $66/60 min

This facial focuses on retexturizing blemished, dehydrated & sun-damaged skin. Results are achieved by the aid of Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s & concentrated Glycolic Acid(derived from cane sugar)to loosen the binding between skin cells & promote cellular turnover. AHA’s are very hydrating, to provide flexibility & radiance to the skin. A serum including Vit. C & Kojic Acid

will be applied to target uneven pigment distribution.

🔹🔹🔷🔷Specialty Facials🔷🔷🔹🔹

🔹Clarifying Enzyme $77/75 min $90/90 min*

This is a phenomenal facial with the ability to transform the skin. An AHA cleanser will be used with the addition of an enzyme mask to prepare the skin for effective extracting. The fruit enzymes provide deep exfoliation to congested skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pore size. Customized setting mask and serum. Beneficial to Acneic skin conditions.

~3 levels of strength available~

*Includes extra extraction time + high frequency current
🔹Diamond Microdermabrasion $77/75 min $95/90 min*

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive treatment that utilizes a medical grade vacuum w steel attachments dipped in corundum crystals. This modality is a manual form of exfoliation, which reveals smooth, healthy, & flexible skin. Microdermabrasion is offered as a gentle exfoliating alternative for sensitive skin types, as a pretreatment for a peel, to soften scars, or to release ingrown hair.

*Includes Enzyme mask + extra extraction time + high frequency current
🔹Age Defying Microcurrent $45/30min $70/60 min $80/75 min $95/90 min

This Nūface Microcurrent machine provides optimum product penetration by supplying the

skin with a recognized frequency to usher ingredients into the cells. This alternating current also exercises the muscles toward their insertion points, creating a firm & supple tone. Potent peptide formulas will be incorporated so that the skin may reassemble collagen & elastin, & improve metabolic functions for optimum anti-aging effects.

*includes red light therapy

🔻🔻⚪️Radiant Additions⚪️🔻🔻

🔻GOLDEn Touch. $15/15 min

24k Colloidal Gold Age-Defying mask/serum

🔻Red LED Therapy $25/15 min

30 Amber/Infrared/Red LED diodes for the stimulation of new collagen production

🔻Luscious Lips $25/15 min

Gel exfoliater, hydrating mask, microcurrent, plumping gloss

🔻Eye Enhancement $25/15 min
Herbal eye compress, DMAE toner, microcurrent, neuropeptide serum

🔻Pampering Massage $20/30 min

Extra massage of the arms, hands, & feet in addition to the standard massage

given while masking

🔻Reiki Restore $20/30 min

Guided meditation, hands-on chakra alignment, aroma & sound therapy, crystal grid