"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"


Established in 2012: Before I attained my esthetics license, I gained experience in the medical field serving as a nursing assistant. I learned to recognize the different stages of disease, particularly reflected on the skin. This was where I felt a pull toward the healing aspect of my profession. I am currently studying Biology to understand the body more intimately, and to supply professional confidence.
After 5 years of honing my esthetics skills in an esteemed dayspa, I decided to build a platform where i can offer truly customized services. Without a set standardization, I have created a very broad menu of remedies to restore health for unique concerns.
I acquired practice in the organizational and marketing skills of business, through micromanaging my family’s full service salon for 2 years. I am currently attending workshops through CABotana ‘International Academy of Aesthetics’ & RD Alchemy. My next endeavor is working with a skincare lab, which I already represent in spa, to blend custom products.
Jessika’s Aware Skincare is approaching 3 years in the making, and I am publishing video tutorials and photoshoots with enthusiastic clients as models.


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