"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"

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New Body Contouring Treatment!


Exfoliation is performed with a bristle paddle & microdermabrasion machine~

DMAE serum is applied with Temptu airbrush machine~

Cellulite & Vein lotion is per area~

Circulatory massage is full body w velvet kelp oil~

Nūface Galvanic current is per area~



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Body Buffering Scrubs

I have been busy creating Yummy Body Scrubs after hearing
concerns from clients about the dryness of these past few



~Margarita Scrub
Cold Pressed Coconut, Fresh Lime, Witch Hazel Alcohol, Epsom Salts,
Grapefruit Essential Oil



~Ginger Body Scrub
Cold Pressed Coconut, Pureed Ginger, Epsom Salt, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil



~Coffee Body Scrub
Coffee Grounds, Brown Sugar, Local Honey, Grapefruit/Cardamom Essential Oil

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Brightening Facial w Galvanic Current

Actions of a Galvanic Current on the skin

Actions of a Galvanic Current on the skin

It’s Time to bring in your rewarded JAS-$ to redeem a truly custom facial!

I have created a new treatment to target hyperpigmentation and
environmentally stressed skin, with the aid of microserums and
galvanic currency!

The featured formula uses the superior brightening
properties of hydroquinone, kojic acid, citric acid, and lactic acid
to improve pigment problems. Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate
help to protect the skin’s moisture balance. Aloe Vera,
Pacific Sea Kelp and Yarrow Extracts poses soothing and healing
~This facial is great for lightening sun spots, age spots, freckles and pigmented scars~

The Galvanic Currency has two interactions with the skin.
– The negative pole is applied to open & relax the pores,
saponifying the materials clogged within, and attracting them
to surface.
+ The positive pole helps with product penetration, tightening the
pores, and toning the muscles of the face.

There are 2 service options:

$45 for 60 mins

-2 cleanses utilizing a clairisonic and the negative pole galvanic
-toning and extractions
-custom mask
-neck & shoulder massage
-fading formula microserum with positive pole galvanic
-moisturizer w eye and lip cream

$60 for 75 mins

-additional serum application with galvanic benefits
on neck and chest

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Heart-Stone Massage



These Heart-stones are the perfect shape to glide along the delicate facial ridges.

They feel wonderful chilled, and are used in gliding techniques over skin having undergone advanced exfoliation.

The wands and sphere are used over larger areas of the body for a unique, smooth tactile experience.

These tools hold heat for relaxation of the muscles, & allow for deeper targeting of knots/kinks.