"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"

Standard Tips & Techniques for your Skincare Routine

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Are you ready to commit to the beautiful face staring back at you in the mirror?
That’s awesome, you deserve quality time & quality skincare.
Here are some standard tips & techniques for your home care regimen.
🔹”Remove the Day”! which means removing the elements you’ve been exposed to(dirt, pollen, environment, etc) & also your makeup & SPF. Use make up wipes, micellar water, or a gentle cleanser,(ask if oil cleansing is right for you).
🔸Cleanse! W recommended Cleanser for your skin type & concern. Use of soft facial brushes or silicon pads are particularly recommended for areas of the face w creases(nostrils, corners of lips, chin, behind ears). Remove w tepid water.
🔹Exfoliate! W recommended Exfoliating product at night & at the frequency advised by label or Esthetician. Avoid eyelids & freshly waxed areas. If liquid, shake well before applying w cotton round.
Make sure(refreshing exfoliating toner) that you don’t allow a streak of powdered herbs to settle on skin; brush away & neutralize w water.
🔸Tone! Balance your pH w a liquid toner to restore your skin’s acid mantle at 5.5.
If using exfoliating toners at night, this step is taken care of. Be aware of alcohol in your facial toners, unless featuring cetyl alcohol which is fatty & not disruptive to the skin.
🔹Mask! Choose a mask that will address your present skin condition. Note which areas of your face will benefit from the type of mask you are using and apply there; or apply multiple masks in one setting, like camouflage. Remove w tepid water.
🔸Treat! Apply your water-based serum in light, tapping motions w your ring and middle fingers. If you have alternating Serums, ask which is best reserved for day & night. If you have topical prescriptions, this stage is when you would apply.
🔹Moisturize! This stage is meant to offer a nice emulsion of water & oil, to balance your skins need for a protective barrier from the elements. Apply in upward strokes and make rapid drumming movements w fingers tips at creased areas, jowls, and neck until pink. Eye Cream and Lip Balm may be applied next.
🔸Protect! Apply a broad spectrum physical, titanium & zinc spf to protect your vulnerable tissue from UV, even if you don’t burn in sunlight. UVB shows a sunburn, UVA does not, but definitely dehydrates and damages cells. The equation for reapplication is (minutes of exposure before turning pink) X (number spf of product) / 60 min. Safest bet is to reapply every 2.5 hours w my SPF 30 Day moisturizers. Distribute SPF in little dots on the face, then tap to spread, & feather to blend. Don’t forget to protect your lips, hairline, & wear sunglasses for the eyes.
🔹Tint! BB cream, foundation, concealer, setting powders are applied last.


Author: Jessika's Aware Skincare

I became an Esthetician because i love the transformation that takes place under the regimine of herbal applications and healthy habits. I love to study the effects of specific extracts topically to address a multitude of skincare concerns. One of my career goals is to work in a medical setting to administer skin resurfacing treatments. I empathize with those who are burdened with ongoing skin ailments, and try to customize my recommendations. I am also fulfilled by the energetic healing which is transfered during the sessions im appointed. I have created an atmosphere where minds and hearts may relax and enjoy light conversation and quality care. I truly hope the clients i see feel refreshed and light when their service is complete.

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