"Maintaining Radiant Skin, Enhancing Natural Beauty"

Certified Organic Products

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Jessika’s Aware Skincare is making a full conversion in offering NaTuRaL, OrGaNiC, & hErBaL formulas!
The products used in your services & my retail center will now host locally made skincare products which are: 

🔹Certified Organic being 98-100% natural

🔹Free of Sulfates/Parabens

🔹Cruelty Free


You will love these potent herbal blends which have the ability to target your concern while keep your skin nourished and protected.
Beyond these products being beautifully balanced & trustworthy, the company itself has a mission you will be proud to support. 

A portion of the proceeds of RD Alchemy products support ARI, their research institute, whose aim is to find herbal application for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer as well as active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.
Thank you for following JAS & RD Alchemy on the path of Awareness for health & beauty’s sake!

RD Alchemy Natural Products 



Author: Jessika's Aware Skincare

I became an Esthetician because i love the transformation that takes place under the regimine of herbal applications and healthy habits. I love to study the effects of specific extracts topically to address a multitude of skincare concerns. One of my career goals is to work in a medical setting to administer skin resurfacing treatments. I empathize with those who are burdened with ongoing skin ailments, and try to customize my recommendations. I am also fulfilled by the energetic healing which is transfered during the sessions im appointed. I have created an atmosphere where minds and hearts may relax and enjoy light conversation and quality care. I truly hope the clients i see feel refreshed and light when their service is complete.

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