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Valentine’s Day Spa Packages

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BrochureValentine's Day Spa Packages

$50 for $65 Value
~Areas to be waxed upon request. Marketed for men, but there is no gender bias.

$70 for $100 Value
~Microdermabrasion is performed on all areas to be waxed to give the smoothest results!
This procedure helps release ingrown hairs. New sensitive skin Creme wax available!

$60 for $95 Value
~A Great choice for deep pore cleansing & giving attention to the delicate skin around the eyes!
No matter what your concern is, i have multiple concentrations of enzymes, and choices in eye serums.

$95 for $135 Value
~Facial feautures advanced exfoliation, polypeptide chain & humectant serum, & a galvanic current to tone muscles & send product deeply into the skin. Heart Stones are chilled and applied to skin having undergone advanced exfoliation to calm histaminic response by the skin. New 2-part lip exfoliating & plumping product! Reiki is a meditative form of energetic healing which intelligently shifts blockages in the body.


Author: Jessika's Aware Skincare

I became an Esthetician because i love the transformation that takes place under the regimine of herbal applications and healthy habits. I love to study the effects of specific extracts topically to address a multitude of skincare concerns. One of my career goals is to work in a medical setting to administer skin resurfacing treatments. I empathize with those who are burdened with ongoing skin ailments, and try to customize my recommendations. I am also fulfilled by the energetic healing which is transfered during the sessions im appointed. I have created an atmosphere where minds and hearts may relax and enjoy light conversation and quality care. I truly hope the clients i see feel refreshed and light when their service is complete.

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